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I’ve kept this part of my photography dream a secret for awhile now. Not really sure if it was something I wanted to share.

So many times as artist we find ourselves lost and wanting to find more creativity.  I noticed that each time I would get lost, I would step out of my comfort zone and reach for a side of my photography that not many get to see.  It was empowering and filled part of me that sent me in other creative directions.

Over this past summer my family and I went to Duluth, Minnesota for our family reunion.  I found myself craving more of this style of creativity.

Duluth has so much life, beauty, and was like a little step in time.  I don’t mean the culture or environment.  But instead the people and way of life.  Everyone looks out for each other, people taking time to see one another, and just taking in the world around them without their noses being stuck in computers and iPhones.  Duluth made me look at my creativity in a new light.  While there we got to stay at Two Harbors right on Lake Superior in a small home facing the water.  Nature was all around us!  Truly the most inspiring place to be for one looking for creativity!

Being there was a breath of fresh air and a sign I needed to take a leap of faith and see where this takes me. So with prayer, time, lots of studying, and reaching out to family and close friends. I have taken that leap of faith and have begun this new style of my photography.

***NOTE*** I am NOT giving up my other photography style. To me these are two different styles and ways of capturing art. And to me as a Photography I don’t want to give either one up.


‘The Beautiful Intuition’ is a lifestyle art.

Meaning I want my clients to invite me into their world and allow me the chance to capture their story from an outside view. I want future Brides, Moms, Families, Clients to know that you don’t have to have everything together or perfect. That life is messy and confusing…. And in the middle of all of that there are moments of beauty and raw emotions that will be captured.

We as human beings fear the imperfect, fear being judge for not holding everything together. And with this, while I am by your side, I want YOU to be you and know that every moment in your life is BEAUTIFUL and perfect just as it is.  And that’s what I will be capturing.  How I will be telling your story.

I will be making sure that the images that are delivered to you are earthy, raw, simple, warm, and sweet. I will capture smiles, tear, and even screams if you allow them.  They will be captured in a way that you will cherish and feel anyone can relate to.

I hope that as you look around our site and portfolios you see those moments of a real and natural life. Those sweet cuddles, crazy little ones, those untouched beauties, maybe even emotional tears.  But most of all we hope you can see yourself, your family, or those you love within our work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and seeing just a little of what we hope will become of ‘The Beautiful Intuition’… …  And just maybe you will invest in us too. 

(A Few Images From Our Trip To Lake Superior.)

Tashena Shaw Photography

Tashena Shaw Photography

Tashena Shaw Photography

Tashena Shaw Photography

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